CPAP Treatments

CPAP is the gold standard treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and is used to treat OSA by delivering continuous positive airway pressure to keep the airway open during sleep when your muscles relax, causing obstructions. It's a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can reduce coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. This treatment is the Health Canada approved for OSA, and is 80-100% covered by most insurance companies.

How it Works

1. Assess

At ANSR, we believe in a patient-centered approach to treatment. That means we want to partner with you, not just treat you.
So when you get referred to us by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner, we'll work with you to determine if our treatment is right for you. It's quick and easy to get started, and there's no charge for the assessment.
Our team includes professional, licensed physicians, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, nurses and respiratory technicians who are dedicated to providing compassionate care in a safe space.

2. Treat

If your condition is assessed as one which would potentially benefit from TMS treatment, the procedure and risks will be discussed and if you wish to proceed, you will be set up for a course of treatment which commonly involves 10-20 minute treatment sessions five days per week for one month.

During this time, you will receive a series of treatments that are designed to alter the excitability of your brain's prefrontal cortex in a carefully controlled way.

3. Monitor

You are the center of our attention at ANSR.

Your treatment is designed to be as comfortable and effective as possible, so we offer periodic check-ins by clinicians to ensure your treatment is proceeding appropriately.

We monitor your response to treatment and recommend any additional treatments that might be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is the most commonly prescribed device for treating sleep apnea disorders. It provides positive airway pressure through a mask, to splint the airways open during a person's sleep, to prevent snoring, airway obstructions and apneas from occurring.
CPAP is covered by most insurance companies 80-100% depending on your plan.
The units have a 3 year replacement warranty.
OSA is a diagnosis that will be provided by your Doctor after the review your sleep study results. If they determine CPAP is the right treatment for your OSA, they will prescribe a trial of CPAP. Snoring, waking up gasping, and daytime tiredness are all symptoms of OSA.


Call or email us with any questions about the clinic or the treatments we provide.
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