Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS):

  • The standard, initial protocol for rTMS treatments typically consists of 30 treatment sessions, but this can vary depending on the person.
  • Maintenance treatments may be required after the initial treatments, but the need and frequency vary from person to person.
  • $250/session 
  • rTMS bulk pricing: (includes initial assessment and follow up with psychiatrist)
    • 30 sessions for $4500 ($150 per session)
    • 15 sessions for $3000 ($200 per session)
    • If a package of sessions is purchased and not all are required, we can issue a refund for any unused sessions up to and including a maximum amount of $3000 (if the package of 30 treatments was purchased) or $1000 (if the package of 15 treatments was purchased).

Ketamine Treatments:

Intramuscular Injections:
  • $400 per treatment
  • 6 initial treatments are required (twice weekly for 3 weeks). (Total: $2400)
  • Additional maintenance treatments may be required which will be determined by the prescribing physician
Intranasal Spray:
  • 200 per treatment* this does not include the cost of the drug
  • Typically, 20-28 treatments are required over the course of 6 months
    • 1st month – treatments twice weekly
    • 2nd month – treatments once weekly
    • Months 3–6 – treatments once weekly, or once biweekly
  • Some private medical insurance companies and VAC/RCMP may cover partial or full cost of the drug.
*Costs are approximate – each person receiving treatment may require different dosages and different number of total treatments which will affect the cost.

CPAP Treatments:

  • $2000 for a CPAP machine
  • $225-$350 for masks
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