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Ketamine Treatments for Mental Health

An Overview for Healthcare Providers

Ketamine treatments have shown strong evidence of benefits for treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and some pain conditions. This page aims to provide healthcare providers with the necessary information to understand, educate, and refer patients for ketamine treatments at ANSR Clinic.
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Evidence and Research

Strong evidence for treatment-resistant depression
Effective for PTSD and some pain conditions
Research Links located at the bottom of this page

Medication and Psychotherapy Compatibility

Ketamine treatments compatible with most medications (ANSR conducts screening for exceptions)
Ketamine treatments can be combined with psychotherapy

Treatment Process and Oversight

Patient referral by healthcare provider
Suitability assessment by psychiatry
Regular monitoring and communication with referring doctor
Treatment sessions overseen by psychiatry
Maintenance treatments for sustained benefits

Funding and Accessibility

Funding available through Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation Board, and some private healthcare accounts (ANSR can help explore these funding options with patients)
No cost for the initial suitability assessment and no commitment after the assessment.
Easy referral process for healthcare providers. Just send a referral and we will take it from there.

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